Hello, I am Daniel Perretta.

A Creative mind & Experienced Designer.

I am a recent graduate of The University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design, and experience within the Architecture/Interior Design world. In the past five years, I have worked directly for seven companies, four of which were under the direction of an architect or interior designer.

My work has included either by design, refinement, CAD modeling, or presentation rendering, more than fifty to-market products. Outside of industrial design, my experience has included: plan reading, store planning, architectural specifications, built-in casegoods, graphic design, UI/UX, web development, social media marketing/management, and branding. I have been lucky to be employed in a broad range of positions, from government contracting to small and large scale luxury furnishings, two foreign product consultancies, retail design, and two product startups. My work can be found in The University of Cincinnati, homes across the world, shopping malls in The United States, and even Central Park in New York City.

As a designer, I feel strongly about producing high-quality designs meant to be long lasting and iconic. I believe sustainability should be at the forefront of any production effort— but not merely through traditional means. No eco-material, minimal packaging, or recycling friendly assembly will ever have the same effect as objects that we choose to keep. Simple timeless form, sophisticated materials and construction, and sustainable company practices are the tenets of my design.